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Ahiflower, how does it compare to fish oil?

Ahiflower® is a unique plant whose seeds contain more high-quality essential fatty acids (EFAs) than any other seed oil on earth. While fish and other seed oils may be rich in one or more EFAs, Ahiflower® delivers all the omegas your body needs from one source. Completely traceable from soil to oil, Ahiflower® is up to 4 times more effective than flax oil and features a complete, balance Omega-3-6-9 profile. All with aclean taste!* Ahiflower is the richest source of combined SDA and GLA ever discovered. That means skin-nourishing Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is not found in fish oil or flax oil.* GLA promotes a healthy inflammatory response not just in the skin but throughout the body, making it beneficial for both beauty and fitness enthusiasts.

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and GLA have been studied for immune support, and EPA and DHA have shown benefits for specific immune functions.* All of these vital EFAs are found in our Plant-Based Omega softgels in the optimal 4:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 as recommended by nutritionists and researchers.* Both GLA and ALA support a healthy inflammatory response and have been demonstrated to help promote comfort and flexibility in joint tissue.* EPA and DHA support metabolic and signaling functions that both directly and indirectly influence long-term joint health.* Ahiflower® ALA has been shown to convert to EPA and DHA up to 4 times more efficiently than any other plant oil.

Omega-3 Essential fatty acids are widely recommended for promoting brain health and function, and have been shown to support healthy stress response.* Sports Illustrated™ Nutrition's Plant-Based Omega-3 supplement delivers 1280 mg of Omega-3 in every serving.*

BCAAs, what are they good for?

The Branched-chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine are recognized for stimulating muscle synthesis and defending against muscle break-down.* And research shows even stronger anabolic support when taken after exercise.* We use vegan-friendly BCAAs derived from sunflower, in the precise 2:1:1 ratio recommended by exercise physiologists in Sports Illustrated™ Nutrition's Post Workout.*

Collagen, what are the benefits?

Collagen provides strength and resiliency for healthy hair, skin and nails.* It can help your skin stay supple and vibrant; and add strength to your nails; and bring luster and fullness to your hair so you not only feel your best, you look your best.*

Collagen is a vital component to connective tissues within and around the joints, promoting tensile strength, flexibility and comfort.* In fact, collagen—in the form of gelatin—is one of the original “health foods”. Sports Illustrated™ Nutrition’s Collagen + Enzymes is a modern advancement of this time-tested alternative for natural mobility support.*

MCTs, oil or powder?

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™Nutrition’s MCT Oil Powdersolves a lot of the concerns people have with liquid oil—easier digestion, better versatility, convenient for travel, improved taste and texture.* MCT Oil Powder is produced through a special spray-dry process that binds the oil with a fiber carrier (we use acacia). This not only improves the convenience and versatility of MCT Oil, but also results in a better sensory experience. Add regular MCT Oil to your coffee, for instance, and you’ll get an oily taste and texture. Add MCT Oil Powder instead, and you’ll get a creamy mouthfeel with no oily aftertaste. MCT Oil Powder can also be incorporated into baked goods where oil cannot, and can be added to protein powders and other supplements.*

Nitric Oxide, what is it's effect on the body?

As a powerful vasodilator produced within the body, Nitric Oxide (NO) may be the most important molecule for physical performance. Dietary support of nitric oxide production is a well-established performance-enhancing strategy. * It helps open the blood vessels and capillaries for optimum blood flow, increasing circulation and oxygenation to the muscles.* It’s as true for your heart and lungs as it is for your biceps and deltoids.* The key is to do it safely. Sports Illustrated™ Nutrition’s Nitric Oxide formula has your back with a precision blend of ingredients scientifically validated to stimulate and support optimum NO production, naturally.* 

L-Arginine is the direct precursor to this powerful vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the muscles.* Combining it 2:1 with L-Citrulline helps the body use NO to its fullest potential.* Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) promotes cellular energy production, supports protein synthesis, and inhibits protein degradation in muscles, opening the channels for extreme energy and physical performance.*

Protein, which is better, isolate & concentrate ?

It’s pretty simple, really. Whey protein isolate is ultra-purified to remove fats, sugars and other carbohydrates. These are the components that cause digestive distress. What’s left is pure protein with all essential and non-essential amino acids.* SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition’s Whey Protein Isolate provides clean, healthy protein with no carbs and zero fat. Just pure, 100% protein isolate from grass-fed, hormone-free US cattle. With 20 grams of pure protein per serving, it’s perfectly suited to power your recipe for performance.*

Tart Cherry, how does it support recovery after a workout?

Tart cherries are nothing short of amazing, and VitaCherry® makes them even better. These little wonders contain potent antioxidants and phytonutrients shown to boost antioxidant power and promote healthy inflammatory responses.* VitaCherry is produced with whole Montmorency tart cherries and concentrated to deliver up to 15x more specific anthocyanins compared to generic tart cherry powders. See for yourself with Sports Illustrated™ Nutrition's  Post Workout*