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Brain Formula

Brain Formula

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  • 30 Servings

The body is only as strong as the mind. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition’s Brain Formula is designed to strengthen and protect brain functions to promote clarity, focus, positivity and alertness.*
  • Comprehensive Support for Memory, Mood & Focus*
  • Supports Focus, Mental Clarity & Alertness*
  • Stimulates and Protects Critical Brain Structures and Functions*
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A Wake-Up Call to a Great Day Ahead

Just two capsules of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition’s Brain Health formula each morning will set you up for a day filled with energy and positivity.* If you’re hitting the gym or the competition field Brain Health can help you gain that mental edge you need to perform your best.*


Pure caffeine from organic coffee beans promotes brain-derived neurotrophic
factor (BDNF), while our unique blend of herbal ingredients and
superfoods provides comprehensive cognitive support.*

  • Features PureCaf® clean, organic caffeine†
  • Unique blend of herbal ingredients and superfoods with Vitamin D, Sage, Ginkgo, Moringa, Olive Oil Powder, Organic Blueberry & Grape Seed

†Equal to 1.5 cups of standard brewed coffee


Inside the Bottle

Because it’s what’s inside that counts

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PureCaf® Organic Coffee Bean Extract

Naturally extracted from certified-organic green coffee beans, PureCaf® is 95% pure caffeine without the extra constituents of brewed coffee. It’s pure, clean energy for mind and body, preferred by fitness enthusiasts and elite mental athletes worldwide. PureCaf® has been shown to boost levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein believed to be vital to brain functions involved in learning, memory and behavior.*

Ginkgo Biloba (full spectrum)

Ginkgo has been a leading brain-health herbal for centuries, and that’s no exaggeration. Native to China, where its use in TCM dates back to the earliest written records, this herb is known to support microcirculation to the extremities of the body, including the brain.* No other medicinal herb on earth has been as widely investigated and conclusively demonstrated to support and promote healthy circulation within and to the brain.*

Organic Sage

Sage (Salvia officianlis) is a legendary herbal that is receiving renewed interest from researchers around the world. With its unique nutritional profile and concentration of phenolic compounds, it’s been demonstrated to support mood, memory and cognition while promoting feelings of contentment and calm.*


to the Middle East, India and Africa, the Moringa Tree has been hailed
as a “perfect food” by nutrition researchers. In fact, it is often
referred to as the “miracle tree.” Every part of this plant is
nutrient-dense and rich in bioactive phytonutrients. For example,
Moringa contains 25 times the absorbable iron as spinach! It’s the
ultimate superfood for mind/body nourishment.*

Brain Health

Gives you the cognitive edge to compete in today’s demanding world whether inside or outside the gym. Pure organic caffeine stimulates mental energy and supports learning, memory and behavior functions.* Ginkgo and sage support circulation and synaptic function.* Superfood Moringa delivers concentrated brain nutrition, while grape seed and blueberry provide antioxidant protection.*


Designed for comprehensive support of the mind/body connection, Brain Health from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition goes beyond standard brain health supplements with a synergistic combination of uniquely powerful ingredients that nourish not just the brain but the entire body.*


Pushing the boundaries of physical fitness often comes down to mind over matter. Energizing the brain energizes the body. Our Brain Health formula delivers with pure caffeine and invigorating herbs that spark mental energy and acuity so you can power through.