• 30 Servings
Explosive power. Incredible endurance. Laser focus. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition’s Intensi-T supports the fundamentals of physical performance with a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to promote strength, energy and stamina.*
  • Supports Stamina, Energy & Strength*
  • Supports Healthy Blood Flow & Circulation*
  • Supports Increased Focus & Clarity*

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Make Every Day INTENSE

For best results take Intensi-T every day, twice a day. If you’re busy or just want a power boost, take two capsules at once. We do not recommend exceeding dosage recommendations. We do recommend avoiding alcohol while consuming this product.

These select herbs and amino acids help support vitality and healthy blood flow.* Intensi-T will help you reach your goals fast, without the risks associated with other performance enhancers.*

  • Boost stamina, energy and libido*
  • Clinically-validated, real-world-proven ingredients*
  • Supports circulatory function, focus and clarity*


  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Brain

Inside the Bottle

Because it’s what’s inside that counts

A form of the amino acid that acts as a hormone-signaling molecule, D-Aspartic Acid is an indirect precursor to the production of testosterone.* By stimulating hormone production within the brain that ultimately leads to testosterone release, D-Aspartic Acid supports the body’s natural androgenic system.*

Funny sounding name. Serious results. HGW, as it’s known by its fans, is one of those herbs that lives up to its name. Chemical analysis shows pro-hormone and phyto-hormone compounds are responsible for its legendary benefits.* Evidence suggests HGW provides pro-erectile support via stimulation of nitric oxide synthase.*

Ashwagandha is the ultimate adaptogenic herb. Like ginseng and others in its class, Ashwagandha helps the body adapt between stress and serenity, chaos and calm. It’s also been shown to promote circulatory function and hormonal balance. Think of it as an herbal aid for your core.*

A relatively unknown flavonoid, luteolin is a natural component of many fruits, vegetables and herbs. Evidence suggests that luteolin has a role in balancing androgens and estrogens in favor of androgenic dominance.*


Stamina & Performance

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED™ Nutrition’s Intensi-T is built on a platform of specific active compounds demonstrated to promote free testosterone. Ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Cnidium monnieri extract, and horny goat weed give you the power to succeed.*


Adaptogenic Ashwagandha sets free anxieties, positioning the mind and body for any activity.* Energizing Vitamin B-6 and supporting zinc ensure prime circulation and oxygenation.*


The mind-body connection cannot be underplayed, especially when it comes to male prowess. Intensi-T relies on the Indian traditional herb Ashwagandha and the Chinese traditional herb Schisandra to provide focus and clarity to your efforts.*

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